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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Alien Games! You'll find no less than 32 different Alien Games, such as Transmorpher 1 & Plants vs Aliens.?

Play a Huge Collection of Fun Alien Games Online

In these alien games there’s no question that extra-terrestrial species exist. In some of these games they’ve even made it to Earth! Fly a UFO, help cute little aliens repair their space ship and find their way home, or fight of hostile spaceships in an exciting space battle over the fate of the planet. In some games you’re a human being, but in a number of games you can play as an alien with amazing shapeshifting powers, telekinesis, and more!

Explore Outer Space in our Free Alien Games

There are lots of rumours about aliens having come to Earth to abduct humans and conduct research. There are stories about UFO sightings, and conspiracy theories about the military facility Area 51 and the mysterious ‘flying saucer’ that is said to have crashed in Roswell. Whether or not you believe in aliens, the concept of intelligent aliens life forms sure does seem to speak to the imagination! Explore deep space in our space flight simulation games. Travel to alien worlds, or use your spacecraft to fight off an alien invasion. Upgrade your spaceship with more powerful technology after each round!

Enjoy the Best Alien Games for Kids at FunnyGames!

In many of our other games, you have to help various cute little green aliens return home. They’ve had to make a crash landing on our planet, and their ship has broken down. Search the surrounding areas to collect the missing parts and help the aliens piece their ship back together in these fun platformer and puzzle games. Play these and many other cool alien games for free online at FunnyGames! Have fun!

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