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If you want to relax with some fun bowling games, you’ve come to the right page! Choose a ball and roll it down the wooden lane. Your aim is to knock over all of the pins and score as many points as possible. Below, you can read a little bit more about this target sport and the different variations you can play. Have fun with the collection of bowling games listed on this page, or check out our ball games page for other entertaining titles!

Bowling, an ancient sport

The earliest evidence of bowling sports was discovered by archaeologists in Egypt. Ancient Egyptian wall paintings found in a royal tomb depict a game from around 5200 B.C. that involves a stone ball and pins. Bowling was also played in the Roman Empire, and spread across Europe over time. These ancient games evolved over the centuries into sports such as bocce, skittles, boules, lawn bowling and indoor bowling.

Bowling game variations

In the course of the 1800s and 1900s, various bowling associations were established across the globe, and the rules of the different game variations were standardized.

Ten-pin bowling

Most of our online bowling games are ten-pin games, the most popular variation of the sport in North America and Europe. Out of all versions of the game, ten-pin bowling involves the largest and heaviest pins and balls. The ball has three finger-holes, and players get two turns per frame to knock over all ten pins. If you manage it in the first turn, you’ve scored a strike. If it takes you two turns, that’s a spare.

Ten-pin bowling for kids

For small children playing ten-pin bowling, the gutter can be blocked with a long rail or hollow tube to keep the ball in the game. Some bowling alleys also provide a metal frame to help children aim and roll the ball.

Candlepin bowling

This variation is mainly played in Canada and New England. The pins are slightly taller than the ten-pin variety, but they are slim and straight like candles. Players get three turns per frame. Because the ball is much smaller, these narrow pins are much harder to hit. Unlike in other bowling games, fallen candlepins are not cleared away between your three turns.

Duckpin bowling

Duckpins are short and squat, a bit like a squashed ten-pin, which gives them a duck-like shape. The ball is relatively small, compared to ten-pin bowling, and you get three turns to strike down the pins.

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